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Commission: Fennecboy - by enjoiPANDAS

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Chespin used Substitute!

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naze-cyan replied to your post: If anyone wants to add me on LoL, I’ve…

Ah cool, mind if I add you? wouldn’t mind playing with people from tumblrs :P

Sure! of course you can add me owo/ !! No need to ask~ Just add me xD

dampfyre replied to your post: ducklingking asked:Ahhh you’re pl…

you get better by playing. you are not allowed to say you suck yet. at least not at league

I guess so .w. Ahh.. I’ll do my best ovo/ !!


The Dam Keeper animated gifs based on short-film by Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo.

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If anyone wants to add me on LoL, I’ve added my summoner name in the contact page owo/ !!

Asker ducklingking Asks:
Ahhh you're playing LoL ?? What level are you?
soliscanis soliscanis Said:

Yup, just started.. Uhh, level 7  =w=;; I’m suck at this game xD

naze-cyan replied to your post: Been playing LoL too much, cold gettin…

What are your favorite champions?

Just started playing like 3 days ago tho owo/ !! Hmm, warwick and blitzcrank~ :P

Been playing LoL too much, cold getting even worse, and mid term is in a week <w> *flops* anyone want to talk while I’m still free owo;; ?

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