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Oh look, now my parents are calling me just to mock me and make me feel like shit.. Yeah, you know what? Whatever they do, that’s always working..
But yah, screw them…. I’ll just gonna curl up here and try not to be the usual ball of depression and jealousy uwu;;

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All this sad stuff :( seems unfair

Yes sure it’s not fair. Last month everything is so perfect.. and now, things are just falling apart and I lose everything uwu;; but the least I could do here is not to act depressed like how I usually do [on skype at least uwu;;] and act as happy as I could xP and try to talk to people as much as possible

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Why dose this all happen,

Why does what happen oAo ??

5 days until I get my tablet.. and then next week, you’ll see a ton of pin ups, stupid doodles, livestreams and such. Then, I’ll open commission :V
But seriously… I’ve spent like an hour teasing a certain dhole with my dumb pickup lines, and now he’s gone, I honestly need to keep myself occupied talking with people or else I’ll freak out again because of that-thing-from-last-month

I’m still relatively sane and waiting for someone to talk to me because I’m socially awkward and in the edge of being crazy….
[ seriously though.. if anyone ever want to talk to me, I’d love to. Even if you just want to vent or something ;3; ]

summerdhole replied to your post: anonymous said:I have a crush on …

d-don’t you dare!

Yaashhh…. And you can’t stop meee!!!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I have a crush on your AMAZING ARTISTIC TALENT HOW DO YOU DRAW WITH ONLY A MOUSE also this is definitely not Kyle :p
soliscanis soliscanis Said:

I’m gonna spread the pin up of you that I’ve made ….

Asker blackyogourt Asks:
*poke* Actually *whispers* all yoir followers care about you
soliscanis soliscanis Said:

I hope that’s true …. ;;

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey I have a crushie on you~~ uwu
soliscanis soliscanis Said:

If it’s not a joke, we can talk if you want to ? [ I can give you my skype and see how things will go uwu ]

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I just want to hug and comfort you. You seem like an emotional guy, and i just want to give you hugs and tell you how great you are. Everything is ok, people care about you. [ weird internet hugs ]
soliscanis soliscanis Said:

Awh… that was so sweet.. I really hope everything really is ok and people really care about me. But no, things are far from okay right now, and I dunno if people care about me.. But thanks though ^^

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